What: The loganberry, a blackberry-raspberry hybrid accidentally produced in California in the 1880s (so the story goes), achieved success as a juice in Ontario and Western New York, and nowadays there’s hardly a soda-fountain machine in town that doesn’t include the loganberry drink (though it is not carbonated). In Buffalo, common brands you’ll find at area restaurants include Aunt Rosie’s (distributed by Pepsi-Cola out of Buffalo) and Johnnie Ryan (from Niagara Falls, NY), which uses cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Red in color, the drink has a slightly syrupy texture and is very sweet.

Where: Johnnie Ryan’s loganberry drink (pictured) is served at all Mighty Taco branches (17 locations including 2363 Delaware Ave., map), itself a locally beloved Buffalo institution (for better or worse) serving fast-food tacos and burritos. We spied Aunt Rosie’s at Anderson’s (multiple locations including 2235 Sheridan Dr., map). Wegmans also carries various bottled loganberry drinks, including one by another brand, PJ’s Crystal Beach Loganberry Juice, notable for offering a diet version.

Good to know: The Ted’s Hot Dogs chain (multiple locations including 7018 Transit Rd., Williamsville, map) not only has great hot dogs; it also serves a thick and creamy loganberry shake.