Fry sauce in Utah is simply a sauce for your fries, but it’s also a unique Utah cultural experience. It’s pink in color, and while ketchup and mayonnaise is always a part of it, the rest seems to vary depending on the establishment. But there’s usually something tangy in there—pickle juice and/or a dash of relish, or even a little BBQ sauce. Fry sauce is a canvas upon which a restaurateur can experiment a bit.

A Utah local once told me that when “Utahns” leave the state they are always surprised that there’s no fry sauce to be found—and not only that, but people outside Utah don’t even know what it is. Well, friends, now you do. And while we’re generally not a fan of light pink sauces, this one is pretty darn good.

Where: This fry sauce is from Crown Burgers (multiple locations including 9604 South State St., map), where it’s given prominence with a big sign at the condiment station alongside your typical ketchup and mustard. What better place to find fry sauce than a fast-food burger-and-fries mini-chain, right?

When: Mon-Sat, 10am-10:30pm

Order: Just some fries ($2.79) for your fry sauce! (You probably want a pastrami-topped Crown Burger here too though.) The fries here are nothing spectacular, but they’re good vehicles for the fry sauce, which we couldn’t stop eating. It’s ketchup and mayo (which we are not usually fans of), but the tangy relish that’s added makes the sauce appealing.

Alternatively: Look for fry sauce at any eatery making fries! There are lots of burger chains in this area, and any of those will offer it. Even some newer, hipstery sit-down restaurants, like downtown Provo’s Station 22 (22 W Center St., map), are making fry sauce for their (considerably better) fries, with their own unique add-ins, like BBQ sauce.