NYC Food Itineraries

Do you want help planning an incredible New York City food trip? Let us do the heavy lifting!

If you’re researching where to eat on your next trip to New York, you are probably in the midst of information overload. Maybe you’ve got a crazy-filled Google map of restaurants to hit, or a zillion saved links to articles touting this bagel shop or that new food hall. It’s extremely time-consuming, head-spinning research to pare down and fit into your limited time in the city. And there’s always the risk of winding up at an overpriced mediocre tourist trap. (We know, because we have been in this boat countless times whenever we plan our own food trips!)

Wouldn’t it be better if a knowledgeable, trusted local friend just sent you a detailed email telling you where you need to eat so you don’t have to think about it? Or if you had a detailed guide in your hand (or on your phone) telling you where to go next?

That can be us! We at EYW have called various parts of New York City home for more than 20 years, and we’ve made it our business to eat and explore our way through it—high end to low end, traditional to trendy. (We even offer in-person group food tours in our own delicious Queens ‘hood.) When I first moved here in 2000, I obsessively pored over restaurant guides and checked off the ones I went to. Before writing for The New York TimesBudget TravelMen’s Journal and other national pubs, I contributed to some of those NYC food guides, like Zagat and Shecky’s.

We can save you from those countless hours of dining research. We’re here to help you get the most out of NYC’s eats, so you can walk around this city like a local. Here’s how.

We now offer:

  • downloadable one-day NYC eating itineraries
  • custom multiday food-focused itineraries for NYC
  • guided and self-guided Queens food tours

Use one or multiple (there’s a discount for thatsee below!), follow them by the T or build upon ’em yourself. We give lots of flexibility within each downloadable itinerary, tons of tasty insider tips for meals and snacks, and even plenty of suggestions for what to do when you’re not eating. Each one-day itinerary is a downloadable PDF file viewable on your smartphone or PC/Mac. Custom multiday itineraries are emailed to you as a document following a series of questions, so we know exactly what your priorities are. (Please email us at to start the conversation.)

Oh, gosh—we had a super fun time. Would never have done [some of this stuff] without the guide. Awesome.” –Keith Parks (Classic NYC Food Itinerary)

“OMG, I loved my eating and touring plans. I have been to NYC many times and thought I was doing pretty good, but these tour plans opened my eyes to new experiences. I had multiple days [customized], and there was not one mediocre recommendation; they have all been five-star choices. I highly recommend these custom itineraries, as they are magnificent capsules of the NYC beyond the heavily trafficked Times Square area. A real, pardon the pun, taste of the city. The best of the city.” –Dolores Hagan (customized food itinerary for multiple days)

“We had a wonderful time! The directions were clear and the food was wonderful.” –Brian McKinney (Jackson Heights Self-Guided Food Tour)

Costs (all payable via credit card or PayPal, via our shop):

  • $12.99 per one-day itinerary (all updated for 2023)
  • $46.99 per day for custom three- to five-day itineraries
  • $41.95 for the 2023 self-guided version of the three-hour Jackson Heights food tour
  • DEAL ALERT: If you buy one daylong itinerary, you can get the second one for 25% off. Contact for the code.

You will receive your one-day itinerary or self-guided tour download link via email immediately after you buy. Preview part of a one-day itinerary here. More themes are coming soon!

We get it: A trip to NYC does not come cheap. But it can also cost a lot more if you wind up at the wrong restaurant—not to mention the disappointment that inevitably comes with a mediocre meal. Our products and services, starting at just $12.99, will save you countless hours of research and point you in just the right direction. We’re so confident you’ll find these helpful that we’re offering a no-risk guarantee: If you’re really unhappy with your purchase and can prove via photos that you actually used it, we’ll give you a full refund.

Stuff we have to say: All Eat Your World (EYW) itineraries and food tours are nontransferable. By purchasing an itinerary or food tour from EYW, you (i) understand and agree that EYW is not responsible for anything consumed (e.g., food or beverages) on your tour, or any accidents, injuries or other loss that may occur during your tour; (ii) waive any and all claims of liability against EYW and its owner-operators, for any reason; use of the itinerary and/or participation in an EYW tour is at your own risk; and (iii) grant EYW a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free fully paid license to use any photographs or other likeness of you taken while you participate in a EYW tour.