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The Only Way to Make Authentic Dalgona Coffee at Home (Which Is Nothing Like the Viral Trend)


Type #dalgonacoffee into any social media search bar and you’ll end up scrolling through thousands of images and videos. You’ll see icy glasses of milk topped with a frothy dollop of whipped... Read more

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Recipes From Afar: How to Make Belarusian Blini

Our writer shares this very doable, delicious method for cooking up your own blini … with one surprise ingredient.

Homemade blini folded into a triangle

When I was teaching English in Belarus, blini quickly became my favorite local dish. Many people compare them to crepes, but blini are older than crepes! They originated during the Middle Ages in what is now Russia, and are now a savory alternative to crepes. As Belarus was long a part of the USSR, blini are also considered a traditional Belarusian food.

Blini (or blin, in its singular form) are so ingrained in Belarusian society that they’ve transcended the culinary world to enter the language. People often say “blin” to express when a mistake or mishap has occurred, similar to “oops” in English. There’s also a phrase that translates to “the first blin is always a clump.” People say this to encourage each other to keep trying when the first time they do something doesn’t go as intended.

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Utah Valley
  • Utah craft beer

    Despite the predominant Mormon culture, and famously arcane alcohol laws that until recently required bars to put up visual barriers on bars to shield diners from seeing behind the bar (to thwart temptation...

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Nova Scotia
  • Fish cakes

    Fish cakes are another super popular menu item at lots of South Shore restaurants, though the fish to potato ratio clearly varies a lot. Typically made of salt fish (like haddock or cod) and potato,...

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  • Sel roti

    Sel roti are sometimes called Nepali doughnuts because they are rings of sweet, deep-fried dough. However, we think doughnuts aren’t the best comparison: Sel roti are only slightly sweet, and the...

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