A Perfect Afternoon in Wynwood, Miami: Art, Restaurants + Breweries

Colorful street art in Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Florida

In the past decade, Wynwood has transformed from industrial garment-district ’hood filled with warehouses and auto shops to an incredibly coveted, trendy, must-visit part of Miami—not only for its jaw-dropping large-scale street art, but also for its exploding food and drink scene. There’s so much crammed into the few lively blocks around the famed Wynwood Walls that you barely need to leave a four-block radius to experience some of the best restaurants, bars, and of course art that the area has to offer, making an afternoon trip highly doable for the time-pressed. Here are some of our favorite highlights from our recent visit to the Wynwood Arts District, including restaurants and breweries.

What to do in Wynwood, Miami: an art, restaurant and brewery tour.

The art

This is the main draw, of course, and it’s impossible to miss. The unusual blend of big-name artists and up-and-comers is so refreshing, as is the feeling of art being everywhere, for everyone to see and touch. It’s just a part of the landscape here. Nearly every wall on the street, well outside the actual Wynwood Walls, is covered in a striking mural or graffiti art, dizzying displays of color that stop you in your tracks every few paces. Keep your eyes also on the sidewalks, as there’s plenty to see there too. You may even catch sight of a painted school bus or two.

The Wynwood Walls outdoor museum, comprising a few courtyards, is free to enter, incredibly—a world-class large-scale art exhibit right out there in the elements. Check around every bend of every wall, as they’re all painted, and don’t miss the indoor galleries tucked in and around the courtyards for more beautiful art you can actually purchase—or not. We had our eye on a gorgeous Peter Tunney crawfish print, but it was priced at $12,000. Back to the free art outside! 2520 NW 2nd Ave., map

People sitting on tire-shaped benches in front of the Wynwoood Walls in Miami, Florida.

Palm trees in front of an outdoor mural in the Wynwood Walls, Miami, FL.

Sidewalk art in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Florida.
Wynwood Walls and sidewalk art.

The coffee

Hit up Panther Coffee, a small-batch roaster and local Miami mini-chain, for a delicious cold brew on a hot day. Beans are roasted on the premises here, and sourced from small farms globally. Take it outside to enjoy the people-watching on this busy drag. 2390 NW 2nd Ave., map

Interior of Panther Coffee in Wynwood, Miami.
Inside Panther Coffee.

The snacks

Right next door to Panther, we loved Coyo Taco for a quick bite at the outdoor picnic tables—particularly the tasty al pastor, brightened up by the requisite pineapple. Don’t miss the various salsas inside, and maybe a frozen margarita. If it’s nighttime, walk past the bathrooms and look for the hidden bar in back. 2300 NW 2nd Ave., map

Tacos from Coyo Taco in Wynwood, Miami, FL.

Two little boys eating tacos in Wynwood, Miami, Florida.
Kid-approved tacos from Coyo Taco.

Half a block away, there’s also a plethora of Asian snacks, from ramen to shumai to banh mi, to be had at food hall 1-800-Lucky. However, given the prices, there seemed better value in getting a larger plate of food for $15 or so than a small snack of three dumplings for $7. There’s also a huge bar there with outdoor seating and, famously, a frozen beer machine (one of only two in the state of Florida, apparently). 143 NW 23rd St., Unit 312, map

Interior of Asian food hall 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood, Miami, Florida.
A quiet hour at 1-800-Lucky food hall.

Zak the Baker
is another great spot to swing by, with two locations on NW 26th St. (both are certified kosher; only the deli sells any meat). Come for a pastry, a toast, a sandwich, or an olive za’atar loaf (or chocolate babka) to take home with you. Note: Both locations are closed on Saturdays; the bakery closes at 3pm other days. 405 and 295 NW 26th St., map


A sampler of four local beers from J Wakefield Brewery in Wynwood, Miami, Florida.
A four-beer flight from J Wakefield.

The drinks

You will not lack for adult beverages here, that’s for sure. We passed mojito bars and margarita bars and adorable outdoor bars, but since we’d heard of (and sampled from) several of the breweries located right in Wynwood, that’s where we wanted to be. If we’d had more time (and fewer kids!), we would have done a self-guided brewery tour—you can easily walk to four breweries in this area. We loved our tasting at J Wakefield, where the indoor and outdoor murals pay tribute to Star Wars (there truly is art everywhere in Wynwood). The brewery is known for its sours, so try one of those if available. Food trucks often pull up to offer food to the crowd outside. 120 NW 24th St, map

Other breweries to try include Wynwood Brewing (565 NW 24th St.) and the Latin-inspired Veza Sur (55 NW 25th St.). We’re serious about being able to easily walk to them all—see our Wynwood beer-crawl brewery map here, and screenshot below. [Eds’ note: Concrete Beach Brewery has since closed.]

A Google map of breweries within walking distance in Wynwood, Miami.

The dinner

There’s plenty of choice for eating in Wynwood, but if you have limited time and don’t want to move your car—and especially if you have kids in tow—we recommend Wynwood Kitchen + Bar, which we chose for its more varied menu of small plates, many with a Latin influence. At WKB, prices thankfully do not reflect the incredible location right at the entrance of Wynwood Walls—from the inviting backyard, you can watch the stream of visitors to the walls or look out on the huge Shepard Fairey mural, which gets spotlit come dark. Eating inside gets you a view of another Fairey artwork sprawling behind the bar. [Eds’ note: This restaurant has since closed.]

The Shepard Fairey mural at the Wynwood Walls with two kids playing in front of it.
Shepard Fairey + the kids.

It’s only the tip of the iceberg of what the Wynwood Arts District has to offer, but this itinerary is perfect for getting a good taste of the area in a short amount of time—and knowing what to come back for next time.

Published On: March 16, 2019

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