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Good Chop Review: High-Quality Meat + Seafood Delivery Service

Packets of raw meat and seafood from the Good Chop delivery subscription service.

Do you struggle to find good-quality proteins near you? Read on for our review of Good Chop, a brand-new meat and seafood subscription delivery service, and a special discount for readers interested in trying it.

Packets of raw meat and seafood from the Good Chop delivery subscription service.

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Good ingredients aren’t easy to come by—especially when it comes to high-quality proteins. Even in the diverse, food-option-rich Queens neighborhood we live in, people are always asking where to find good meats and seafood in the area.

The truth is, it’s not easy to find. I typically cook fish once a week and meat once or twice a week tops, and I’m choosy about the kind of proteins I want to serve my family. Good-quality. Locally sourced. Sustainable. No added yucky stuff.

We usually shop for fish and meat at our weekly greenmarket, but if we are away on a Sunday, we can’t get it. That means we skip fish for the week and I pick up some organic chicken at our local Foodtown. That’s really the only meat I’m comfortable buying there, and guess what? It is not cheap. The greenmarket is pricey too, but I’m happy to support local fisheries and farms over a corporate chain sourcing from factory farms.

But there’s another option that pairs high-quality proteins and reasonable pricing with something else: convenience.

Enter Good Chop.

Grilled Good Chop pork chops served with grilled eggplant

Good Chop pork chops

What is Good Chop?

Good Chop is a monthly subscription service that delivers high-quality American meat and seafood right to your doorstep. The company offers high-end cuts of USDA-graded Angus beef with no added hormones, preservatives, or antibiotics, along with chicken, pork, and sustainably sourced seafood. It sources from family farms and fisheries around the U.S. that are committed to quality and sustainability.

How it works is this: You choose the size box you want (medium or large), the proteins you’d like, and how often you need delivery (monthly, every other month, etc.). Shipping is free! Within a few days it arrives at your door: an eco-friendly, fully recyclable insulated box filled with vacuum-sealed, flash-frozen proteins ready for your freezer and forthcoming meal plans.

That is it. There’s no commitment required or hidden fees.

Wild-caught Pacific cod from a Good Chop delivery box is seasoned and placed over sliced potatoes to be roasted

Pacific cod from Good Chop

What We Thought of Good Chop

Good Chop sent us a box of proteins at no cost for this review. I was a little skeptical, I’ll admit: Subscription boxes are a dime a dozen these days. But I wasn’t familiar with any protein-based boxes, and proteins are, well, important to our weekly diet. And they’re generally expensive.

The box (a medium size, valued at $149) was filled with an impressive amount of meat: two packs of grass-fed ground beef, two big well-marbled ribeye steaks, three packs of wild-caught Pacific cod, two fat boneless pork chops, two beef flat-iron steaks, and two grass-fed filet mignons. It was more meat than our freezer had ever seen before at one time!

It was a bit beef-heavy for our family’s tastes—we really don’t cook much beef. But this box was not customized to our request (because it was complimentary), and typically boxes are customizable. You can order a box full of pork, chicken, and seafood if you prefer.  

Grilled filet mignon and ribeye steak from Good Chop

Good Chop grilled steaks

Into the freezer everything went, and we cooked it all for our family of four (and friends!) over the next month. Here’s how we used it:

  1. The cod: Two packs of the fish went into this New York Times recipe for roasted cod over crispy potatoes. We had leftovers for the next day’s lunch. The other pack of fish I roasted separately and simply, with some butter and lemon, for another lunch.
  2. The filet mignon, ribeye, and pork chops went on vacation with us: The two steaks were grilled simply with salt and pepper on the grill at our NJ beach house rental and shared with more carnivorous friends (another family of four). The pork chops were brined, grilled, and devoured by our family alone on a separate evening.
  3. The ground beef: We made seven burgers out of these—seasoned simply with salt, pepper, a little garlic, and parsley—and grilled them, also at the beach house. They were some of the best burgers (and cheeseburgers) we’ve ever had!
  4. The flat-iron steak was pan-seared back at home in our apartment.
Raw grass-fed beef burgers made from Good Chop meat and delivery service

Good Chop grass-fed beef burgers

The meat was all delicious, and yes, we even loved the beef. It was clearly high-quality—you can taste it. And look at the color of those raw burgers! Beautiful. I really enjoyed the filet mignon too.

The pork chops were also a runaway hit. Our kids begged to know why we don’t serve them pork chops more often. (The answer, of course, is we don’t have a reliable and affordable source for them.)

The cod was the only protein we didn’t love, and I think it’s because we are so used to eating fresh Atlantic cod—the texture of the fish was less flaky than we’re accustomed to. (Pacific cod in general is a bit firmer than Atlantic cod.) I’d request another fish next time, like the wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon.

Roasted cod from Good Chop meat and seafood delivery service, served over potatoes with salad and shishito peppers.

Roasted cod dinner, courtesy of Good Chop

Is Good Chop Worth It?

Our family of four got nine meals out of these proteins, and that’s using the proteins as the main course. We also shared the proteins with another family. It broke down to about $16.55 per meal, or $4.13 per person per meal, which is actually exactly what Good Chop estimates for the $149 medium-size box.

This is a very good deal considering the meats are also delivered to your doorstep all at once. I loved having my freezer stocked, ready and waiting. It saves us so many trips to various markets!

I also loved having the variety of meats. If you order good-quality meats from, say, Fresh Direct or Thrive Market, you are choosing (and paying for) one at a time. Getting this delivery all at once removes a lot of decision-making and adds diverse proteins to your freezer quickly and easily.

Finally, it’s risk-free: The company offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. For these reasons, we think it is definitely worth giving Good Chop a try.

Good Chop grass-fed beef burgers cooking on the grill

Good Chop burgers on the grill

How to Try Good Chop

If you want to try out Good Chop and fill your own freezer with high-quality U.S.-sourced meats and seafood, the company has a great offer: Join today and get $100 off your first three shipments. For the medium-size box, that means your first box is just $100, your second is $119, and your third is $129. You’ll get a box every four weeks, which you can pause or cancel at any time.

Who’s going to try it? Comment below to let us know or ask any questions you might have about it.

Published On: September 27, 2021


  1. Molly September 30, 2021 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    Good Chop sounds amazing.

    If you need your fish sooner than later or for a one off special occasion, I recommend Giovanni’s Fish Market ( They have an excellent selection of seafood and will ship it to your overnight.

  2. Dakota Miller October 27, 2021 at 3:24 am - Reply

    Hey, Laura and Scott! My neighborhood is quite a distance from the quality meat shop in town. As a family of meat lovers, we are very meticulous about the quality of our meat. I never tried a subscription box for our proteins so I’m still quite skeptical. Do you get to choose the meat that comes in the package? Thanks for this!

    • Laura Siciliano-Rosen October 27, 2021 at 8:26 am - Reply

      Hi Dakota! You do get to choose your proteins from the options they have:
      We are also choosy about our meat, and rarely even want to eat red meat, and yet we loved the meat in this box! They take a lot of care with their sourcing and packaging. Try it for a month; you can cancel anytime!

  3. Hotel CityClub November 10, 2021 at 7:05 am - Reply

    Nice blog author. Thank you. Keep it up.

  4. Barbara August 10, 2022 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    I bought Good Chop recently it arrived as promised. The chose what meats we wanted and the fish. The rockfish was amazing to taste. Looking forward to eating the wild sockeye salmon. The meat looks good as well, the whole package was shipped beautiful and it was still cold when it arrived. Its the best of the protein subscriptions I have tried. The website let you see the images of what you are getting.. amazing.. can’t wait to finish the box and try something different next month

    • Laura Siciliano-Rosen August 10, 2022 at 9:32 pm - Reply

      That’s great to hear! Glad you are enjoying your Good Chop box. Be sure to come back here and use our link to get the deal mentioned!

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