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Halloween Spider Cookies

Halloween spider cookies with recipe

We are the first to admit these cookies don’t qualify as “regional food”—unless, of course, you were to look at American holiday cuisine as a whole, but that’s a stretch, isn’t it? The thing is, we don’t bake much in the way of sweets, but these have become something of a Halloween tradition for us, delicious and adorable and simple to make, and therefore worth sharing with our food-loving readers. The “artistic” part of making those spiders is a bit labor-intensive, truth be told, but overall this is a pretty easy way to impress your friends/kids/coworkers. (And you get to eat the ones you mess up.)

This recipe from Jen’s Favorite Cookies has never let us down, although we add a little more than a stick of butter, for good measure (you could probably go down to 1¾ cup sugar, too). As she notes in her post, the best way to make the spiders is to dip a toothpick into the molten (carefully placed) chocolate chips and lightly dot-dot-dot those legs out. Yes, all eight of them. Anatomical accuracy is important!

Happy Halloween, all! Now back to our regularly scheduled world-food coverage

Published On: October 27, 2014

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