One-Day NYC Food Itinerary: Kid-Friendly Edition


You want: an incredible day of eating and exploring that’s fun for the whole family. Bringing the kids doesn’t mean you have to eat only at restaurants with chicken fingers! We are a family of 4 who believes kids can eat almost anywhere, but we know how different families are, so we provide tons of options for this day, spanning the outwardly kid-catering to spots that lack children’s menus but are family-friendly nonetheless—plus nearby fun activities (parks, museums, shops) and snacking opportunities. Bonus content: lots of backup off-itinerary ideas for what/where to eat when plans fail, the kids are starving, and you need something fast + tasty (it happens!).

*This guide was last updated September 2022.

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This is a kid-friendly food and activity guide to Manhattan only. 19 pages.


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