2024 self-guided food tour document for Jackson Heights, Queens
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Updated for 2024: While we are currently running regular in-person food tours of Jackson Heights, we still have this self-guided touring option for those who wish to go it alone, with confidence. This indoor-outdoor tour is a mix of street vendors, grab-and-go eating, and sit-down (casual) dining. It is best for small groups of 1-4 people. These 9 food stops encompass Indian, Bangladeshi, Tibetan, Nepali, Mexican, Colombian, and Thai eateries or vendors. (You will want to pick and choose among those stops, or else be carting home a ton of leftovers!)

This is the best way we know how to continue to support some of our favorite restaurants and vendors when we are unable to lead a tour (or have a guest who prefers to explore solo). Go forth and eat safely using this very detailed guide.

**Customized self-guided food tours (based upon favorite cuisines, vegetarian/gluten-free/dairy-free/peanut-free preferences, etc.) are also available, starting at $55. There is also a separate vegan self-guided tour available. Gift certificates for self-guided tours are available in this shop, or email laura@eatyourworld.com to request one yourself.

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17 pages.
We suggest bringing: hand sanitizer, your own reusable utensils, cash for tips, containers and bags for leftovers. It’s a lot of food and you’ll definitely want to bring some of it home with you! Contact laura@eatyourworld.com if you’d like to buy a customized tour (vegetarian-only, gluten-free, peanut-free, etc.) or book an in-person tour.

Once you purchase this guide, you will be redirected from PayPal back to our site. There you will find the food tour document, available for download as a link on the right side of the screen. Don’t miss it!

*These tour downloads are nontransferable. Please do not forward it around! Eat Your World is a small business.

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2 reviews for Updated 2024 Self-Guided Jackson Heights Food Tour

  1. Melissa

    This tour was amazing! I got the customized version, and I couldn’t be happier. I felt super equipped with information on the neighborhood, restaurants, and food that we ordered, and felt like an expert in the ‘hood, all thanks to the detailed information. I also felt great about being able to support restaurants during the pandemic that were new to me. I hope that Laura creates more of these so that I can continue to explore the world while not leaving town! :)

  2. Ginger (verified owner)

    Loved this tour! We initially chose the self-guided version because the in-person tour wasn’t available the day we wanted to go, but we ended up being really glad we did! It allowed us to choose the restaurants and dishes we really wanted to try, and explore them on our own time and in the order we chose. We actually did a few of the stops in the morning, took a break to go to a nearby museum, and then came back when our appetites returned and did the rest of the restaurants. The only downside to this instead of the in-person tour is that you don’t have the expertise of a local to ask questions — but even this wasn’t a big deal as Laura’s guide includes detailed explanations about the restaurants, neighborhood and menu options! Would definitely recommend.

    • Laura Siciliano-Rosen (verified owner)

      Thanks so much, Ginger!

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