What: One of the more interesting things we tasted in Delhi, rabri faluda is a sweet, rich drink—so thick it's served with a spoon—consisting of vermicelli noodles (“faluda,” same as that in kulfi faluda) and a pasty traditional sweet called rabri, made of boiled milk, cream, sugar, nuts, and cardamom. The rabri is scooped on top of a glass of faluda, then topped with crushed ice and mixed well. It’s a very heavy, floral drink, likely with Persian roots.

Where: In Old Delhi near Fatehpuri Masjid, Giani di Hatti (multiple branches including the original at 651-652, Church Mission Rd., map) is the place to try this. The staff seems to assemble glasses of rabri faluda for standing customers continuously throughout the day, and assures us the ice is made from filtered water, which our experience would seem to verify.

When: Daily, 10am-11:30pm

Order: One rabri faluda (55 rupees), which is easily enough for two to share. If you’d like to enjoy your treat someplace other than the dirty street (there’s no seating), order it packed to go for an extra 5 rupees. And don’t miss out on a fresh mango shake, when in season. 

Alternatively: It can really only be Giani’s. If you can’t make it to the original, at least visit one of the other 20-plus branches