What: This local bakery special is a fried bread-like pastry sold in big, folded pieces. Made of thin layers of pastry, it leaves a little grease on your hands, reminding us of India’s plain parathas. It’s tasty on its own but is typically eaten at breakfast with cheese, jam, and other goodies. When katlama is filled with minced meat, it appears on menus here as etli ekmek, another delicious way to try this stuff.

Where: We found our katlama at Demirkollar Unlu Mamüller (0-368-261-1971; Sakarya Cad. No. 47), a popular bakery in town.

When: Daily, 5am-8pm

Order: However many pieces you’d like; we bought two large ones for 2.75 TL, and found they made for good road-trip food. This bakery also has great nokul and other pastries.

Alternatively: You can probably find katlama at most bakeries in Sinop. For a good etli ekmek, order it at Teyzenin Yeri Mant? Salonu (0-368-261-7368; Yeni Mah. Gazi Cad. No. 39, map), heralded home of great local mant?.