A popular style of street taco, the taco campechano is a can’t-miss dish in Mexico, unique in the taco world for combining several meats, usually beef and pork, into one delicious package. Typically you will find some grilled beef, crisp chicharrón, and longaniza sausage mixed together, to delicious textural and colorful effect. And there’s no better place to try it than in Mexico City, where the taco reigns supreme.


Where to Try Taco Campechano in Mexico City

When we asked around for a great taco campechano in Mexico City, locals pointed us to the Tacos Don Manolito franchise (multiple locations including Aguayo 49 (at Malintzin), Col. Coyoacán, map), a favorite of young chilangos—look for the big bull in its logo.

WATCH: A veteran taquero deftly prepares a taco al pastor in Mexico City.


When: Daily, 11am-11pm

Order: The taco campechano (61p) here, generously piled with a whole lotta meat: cecina de res (thinly sliced, salted beef), crunchy chicharrón, and longaniza (spicy pork sausage), with salsa morita, caramelized onions, and lime on the side. There’s much to love about this taco and its various layers of flavors and textures.

Don Manolito also has chilaquiles campechano, if you arrive here with a bigger appetite for mixed meats!

Alternatively: Speaking of bulls, Taqueria El Villamelón (Tintoreto 123, map), near the city’s bullring, also does this Mexico City favorite.

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Updated: Feb. 2024