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Piedrazo from Tortas Ali in Oaxaca, Mexico.

What: Biscotti-hard, dry bread (pan duro) is served with a spicy-sour mix of vegetables—sliced onions, chopped carrots, potato—and drenched in vinegar and spices. Stringy quesillo cheese is often on the plate, too. Given its description, we admittedly weren’t all that excited to try this one, but were happily surprised: It’s mouth-puckering, yes, but super flavorful and delicious.

Where: We had great piedrazo in Mercado Benito Juárez (Miguel Cabrera at Las Casas, map) at Tortas “Ali” (no. 153), a small but popular  counter.

When: Daily, 8am-7pm

Order: Piedrazo con todo (10p), which means you’ll get the bread, veggies, and cheese. As the name suggests, this place also deals in tortas.

Alternatively: There’s an excellent street cart on the corner of Alcalá and Matamoros (map) every day from 10am-10pm that sells piedrazo and all things pickled, preserved, and sweet: syrupy-sweet red plantains, alcohol-steeped figs, mangos in chile, and arroz con leche y garbanzo, to name a few.


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