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Recipes From Afar: Singaporean Fried Rice

March 27, 2014

 Recipes From Afar: Singaporean Fried Rice

Singaporean fried rice recipe
Photos by Juliana Loh

Contrary to what you might gather from your neighborhood Chinese eatery, there isn’t really a fixed recipe for fried rice. It evolved from throwing leftovers in the wok to stir-fry—one of the sustainable ways the older generation ensured every scrape of food was eaten, not wasted—and voilà, you get a…

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12 Hours in Macau: What to Eat

June 4, 2013

          12 Hours in Macau: What to Eat

Congee and crab dish from Seng Cheong, Macau
The spread at Seng Cheong

In this guest post, Juliana Loh relays her itinerary for taking “heavyweight food friends from Hong Kong” out to eat in Macau for exactly 12 hours. Because it was during the Chinese New Year holidays, some of her favorite spots were…