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Snapshots from Antigua

Fort James beach view on Antigua

When we visited Antigua this winter, it was with the intention of relaxing on the beach, not driving all over the island hunting for local food. Well, relax on the beach we did, but with a rental car and an unwillingness to eat overpriced Italian food every night, we couldn’t help but give a local-food search our best shot. We had only a handful of days on the island—and quickly learned we had to dig a little to find the local stuff—but it was plenty of time to produce a good EYW snapshot of eight genuinely delicious Antiguan dishes and drinks. Check it out here.

As for the island itself—it’s too pretty not to share a few beauty shots, from harbor overlooks and roadside fruit stands to your standard-issue gorgeous Caribbean beaches. Not pictured: the awful potholed roads. Wouldn’t have been an adventure without ’em!

Colonial architecture in St. John's, Antigua
Wooden colonial architecture in the capital, St. John’s

Caribbean beach in Runaway Bay, Antigua
Our beach thrones and near-private beach, outside our apartment rental in Runaway Bay


View from Shirley Heights over English Harbour, Antigua
The view from Shirley Heights Lookout, over English Harbour

A jungle road on Antigua
Interior road through some nice-looking jungle

Pineapple stand, Antigua
The island’s native pineapples, for sale at a roadside fruit stand

Beach view in Antigua
The setting for Miller’s By the Sea, one of many beachside cafes in the Fort James area

Published On: May 28, 2013

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