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Recipes From Afar: Portuguese Kale Soup, Cape Cod

January 2, 2013

Every summer, Cape Cod is among our favorite go-to escapes, a long weekend with local friends for which we’re always in for lots of boating, clamming, lobstering, swimming, and, of course, eating. (As we’ve previously admitted, we are, however, pretty bad about working when we’re in this area.) New Year’s weekend marked our first winter trip to the Cape, and it proved a long-overdue visit with its…

Food Origins North America

Origins: Cranberries

November 21, 2010

A quick visit to a cranberry bog in Cape Cod sheds light on the tart berries’ origins. Cranberries. I don’t think of them too often, unless I’m throwing a handful of dried ones into my salad. Or, you know, it’s this time of year, when cranberry sauce makes its annual appearance in the Thanksgiving spread. But when you get to watch an active cranberry harvest in the Northeast…