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North America Q&A

Q&A: Andrea Stanley, Maltster, Western Massachusetts

April 9, 2012

“Beer and spirits were an essential part of everyday life for the first European settlers of our country. Malting barley was brought over on the first ships with other essentials, like wool and wheat. Records show it was first planted on Martha’s Vineyard in 1604. I would like to eventually grow and malt the original variety of barley that was grown in New England.”—Andrea Stanley, Valley Malt Tell…

North America Q&A

Q&A: Pilar Cabrera, Chef & Cooking Instructor, Oaxaca, Mexico

March 2, 2012

“I try to portray the colors of the Oaxacan landscape in the food I prepare: color, color, color! Oaxaca is such a vibrant place, and having this reflected in the food you eat here makes Oaxacan cuisine even more enjoyable.”—Chef Pilar Cabrera, La Olla  Tell us about your job. Currently I manage the kitchen of my restaurant La Olla, in Oaxaca, Mexico, and I am also the cooking…

North America Q&A

Q&A: Skip Bennett, oysterman/oyster bar co-owner, Duxbury and Boston, MA

January 3, 2012

“Everyone we hire at ICOB spends time working on the farm so they can truly understand and speak to our culture. They have a real connection to not only the farm, but also to all of the people who work so hard growing and harvesting the oysters.” –Skip Bennett, founder, Island Creek Oysters; co-owner, Island Creek Oyster Bar What is your role at Island Creek Oyster Bar? My…

North America Q&A

Q&A: Shane Milberger, chile grower and processor, Pueblo, CO

November 16, 2011

“I like to irrigate and cultivate. I like to farm. It’s like painting a picture: With a swipe of a brush you change the whole picture.” –Shane Milberger, owner of Milberger Farms, a chile pepper and vegetable farm with a roadside deli and produce stand Tell us about your job. I have 300 acres; of that, 40 acres are chile. We grow mild Anaheim, hot Anaheim, extra hot,…

North America Q&A

Q&A: Sy Ginsberg, corned beef king of Detroit

October 5, 2011

“Detroit, being the great melting pot that it is, will continue to shine in its diverse food offerings.” –Sy Ginsberg, co-owner, United Meat & Deli   Tell us about your job. I oversee the processing of our products at United Meat & Deli; I handle the development of new products; I’m in charge of procuring raw materials and ingredients; and I handle much of our national sales. Another…