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Black-Owned Restaurants in Queens, NYC

June 4, 2020
Black-owned restaurants in Queens, NYC

Eds. note: This article currently covers 80 Black-owned eateries in Queens, NYC. It is by no means comprehensive. Please consult the spreadsheet referenced below for a more exhaustive list while we continue to add to this!

Earlier this week, when thinking about what we can do specifically on this platform (beyond social media) to support racial equality and Black Lives Matter, we thought about local restaurants and were hard-pressed to think of any Black-owned eateries in our immediate part of Queens. Granted, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst are filled with restaurants owned by other minority groups—but where were all the Black-owned restaurants in Queens? And what do they offer?

Ice cream, soul food, Haitian food, Jamaican cuisine, West African food, Ethiopian dishes, Welsh food, juices and smoothies and more, it turns out. I started to collect them in this post, consulting some of the NYC restaurant spreadsheets circulating around as well as other sources (see below) and adding information about what each place offers, because one of MANY things we can do to amplify the Black community moving forward is to patronize their restaurants, leave positive reviews, tell our friends, and share about them on social media. Not just today, or this week—on the regular. Put these restaurants on your radar, add them to your repertoire, and, as a huge personal bonus, you’ll get to eat something delicious—and perhaps get more acquainted with some cuisines not so familiar to you.

80+ Black-Owned Restaurants in Queens, sorted by neighborhood + with menu descriptions Click To Tweet

For more information on how Black restaurateurs, and Black women in particular, start their businesses at a disadvantage that’s been further compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, please read this Angela Burke piece in Eater.

A roundup of Black-owned restaurants in Queens

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Before we dive in, I want to credit the team at Queens Eats in collaboration with designer Karen Umeda for their incredible spreadsheet of Black-owned eateries in Queens, as well as The New Yorker‘s food critic Hannah Goldfield, who started this spreadsheet of Black-owned restaurants in all of NYC. On Facebook, the BlaQue Resource Network, a public group for Black people in Queens to network and share resources, was useful in compiling this, as well as this blog post and the brilliant Eat Okra app, which directs users to Black-owned restaurants in various categories (vegan/vegetarian, African cuisine, Caribbean cuisine, soul food, breakfast/brunch, etc.) nearby. Also helpful is a cool open-source tool called Shop Black-Owned that helps users find all manner of Black-owned businesses, including restaurants, in NYC.

Reminder: Please call restaurants directly for takeout or delivery, as third-party services cost the restaurant way too much.


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Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst

Mr. Cangrejo: Pacific Colombian seafood cuisine, like cazuela de mariscos. Open for takeout and delivery. 79-07 Roosevelt Ave.; 347-832-0539, Jackson Heights

Jamaica Breeze: Jamaican food: calaloo and codfish, escovitch fish, curry goat, jerk chicken, a wide selection of porridges. Open for takeout and delivery. 103-02 Astoria Blvd., 718-899-4743

Cali Aji Con Sabor: Colombian food, specifically from Cali; try the sancocho de gallina (hen stew). Open for takeout/delivery. 98-15 Astoria Blvd.; 718-476-8935

Café Grill: Grilled/fried seafood, wings, sandwiches, and salads. Open for takeout/delivery. 26-02 96th St.; 718-397-7111


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Long Island City/Astoria/Sunnyside

Communitea: Premium and organic teas, Buddha bowls, burritos, sandwiches, soups, and homemade pastries. Open for takeout. 11-18 46th Rd., LIC, 718-729-7708

Snowdonia: NYC’s only Welsh gastropub! Farm-to-table, locally sourced bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, burgers, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 34-55 32nd St., Astoria, 347-730-5783

Melting Pot Cuisine: Caribbean (largely Jamaican) food, celebrated for breakfasts (ackee and saltfish, cod fritters, porridge, calaloo), jerk chicken, “rasta pasta,” and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 36-01 Vernon Blvd., LIC, 718-606-2670

Makina Café: Ethiopian-Eritrean food truck (pictured above). Contactless delivery only, from a new family-size menu: injera, tibs, misir, shiro, everything! You can order spices, sauces, and frozen sambusas too. 34-18 Northern Blvd., LIC, 917-426-5649

Macoletta: Brick-oven pizzas and salads. Open for takeout and delivery. 2815 24th Ave., Astoria, 718-777-4992

Something Catchy: Soul food, seafood, kids meals: fried or grilled fish and lobster dinners, po’boys, chicken and waffles, rasta pasta, burgers, candied yams. Open for takeout/delivery. On “Soul Food Sundays” order $50 or $100 platters to feed the whole fam. 23-14 36th Ave, Astoria, 718-576-9518 (new location coming soon)

Zoe’s Place: Sports bar lounge serving up soul food, seafood, wings, quesadillas, burgers, and lots more. Open for takeout and delivery. 38-70 10th St., LIC, 718-361-7895

Sek’end Sun: Cocktail bar with small plates, comfort food (burgers, hot chicken, grilled cheese, biscuits with gravy), and brunch. Open for takeout. 32-11 Broadway, Astoria, 917-832-6414

Sweet Chick: Popular local chain with fried chicken sandwiches, chicken and waffles, mac and cheese, and more. It doesn’t look like the Queens branch is open just yet. 46-42 Vernon Blvd., LIC, 718-433-4064

Eat Real Halal: Halal truck with chicken/lamb over rice, falafel, cheesesteaks, burgers, the works. In front of 3100 47th Ave., LIC, 347-513-0629

Capucine: Coffee shop serving Devoción coffee (out of Brooklyn) as well as parfait, quiche, sandwiches, brunch dishes, and more. Open for takeout. 45-51 39th Pl., Sunnyside


Neir’s Tavern: One of NYC’s oldest bars, famously featured in Goodfellas, it’s great for a burger and beer, but it’s still closed, for now. 87-48 78th St., 718-296-0600


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Island Cuisine & Catering: Caribbean (mostly Jamaican) food, including oxtails, brown stew chicken and fish, roti, and patties. 153-35 Hillside Ave., 347-475-0187

The Door: Jamaican fine dining: steamed snapper, ital stew, brown stew tofu, curried goat. Open for takeout and delivery. 163-07 Baisley Blvd., 718-525-1083

Rochdale Chicken & Fish: Soul food (pictured above). Chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, fried fish dinners, rice and peas, mac and cheese, banana pudding. Open for takeout and delivery. 11829 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., 718-712-5500

Soul City: Soul food to go, including fried chicken and whiting, turkey wings, candied yams, mac and cheese, collard greens, and more. Open for takeout. 114-64 Merrick Blvd., 917-300-6051 

Seafood Heaven: Soul (sea)food meets Jamaican cooking: fried shrimp, fried whiting, fried catfish, escovitch salmon, brown stew salmon, plus fried okra, mac and cheese, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 127-07 Merrick Blvd., 929-433-0322

Sybil’s Restaurant & Bakery: Caribbean/Guyanese spot since 1976. Beloved patties, curry goat, roti, pepperpot, guava tarts, cassava pone, and so much more. Open for takeout only. 159-24 Hillside Ave., 718-297-2359

Forever Jerk: Jamaican cuisine: ackee and saltfish, beef and pumpkin soup, all the porridges, jerk chicken and pork. Open for takeout and delivery. 145-94 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., 718-978-2222

Percy’s Jerk Hut: Counter-service Jamaican spot. Jerk chicken (and pork and salmon) and festival, escovitch fish, pepper shrimp, brown stew, and more. Open for takeout/delivery.231-07 Merrick Blvd., 718-712-5910

KY’s Takeout Haitian: Haitian cuisine, like tassot boeuf and kabrit (fried beef and goat), griot (fried pork), rice and beans, and accra (fritters). Open for takeout and delivery. 89-02 165th St; 347-334-410

Africana: Nigerian food. Try the egusi, ogbono, pepper soup, jollof rice, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 146-12 Liberty Ave., 718-658-8501

Vibes: Restaurant and lounge with soul food and more. Fish and grits, shrimp and waffles, omelets, wings, crab legs, pasta. Also cocktails to go! Open for takeout/delivery. 143-06 Liberty Ave., 718-262-0433

Port Royal: Jamaican food, including a daily menu of porridges and soups, roti, stew chicken, curry shrimp, and more. 113-7 Sutphin Blvd., 718-323-6444

Country Life Jerk: Jamaican cuisine, including lots of great breakfasts (and mackerel rundown, one of my favorites!), pepper shrimp, oxtails, stew peas, lots of pastries and natural juices. Open for takeout/delivery. 147-12 Tuskegee Airmen Way, 917-300-2991

The Nourish Spot: Juice, smoothie, and salad bar. Open for takeout and delivery. 107-05 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., 718-526-2099

Seamorhen Fish + Chicken: Soul food, Caribbean food, seafood, fried chicken, catfish with candied yams and kale, coconut cake. Open for takeout and delivery. 118-33 Guy R Brewer Blvd., 718-723-8969 (see second branch in St. Albans, below)

Genesis: West Indian (largely Jamaican) and American food. Curried goat, beef patties, roti dishes, fried rice, lots of delicious-sounding breakfasts (porridges, codfish and okra, cookup codfish). Open for takeout/delivery. 162-23 Hillside Ave., 718-739-8443

Rockaway Fish House: Soul food: jerk ribs sandwiches, turkey wings, collard greens, and, of course, fried fish and chicken (and so much more). Open for takeout and delivery. 141-22 Rockaway Blvd, 718-529-3576

Butter Buttercream: An at-home bakery run by a woman named Jazmin in Jamaica who specializes in fancy cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and more. She delivers all over Queens and Brooklyn. Contact via Instagram or call 718-576-4154.



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Cascade Jerk: Jamaican food (pictured above). Jerk chicken, roti, lobster tail and chips, jerk shrimp pasta, something called dredlocks pasta (with oxtails, chicken, or shrimp) that sounds delicious (it involves a creamy sauce with jerk seasoning). Open for takeout/delivery. 119-02 Sutphin Blvd., 718-848-2318

Spring Gardens Restaurant: Jamaican cuisine, including jerk chicken/pork, mac and cheese, beef liver with codfish, pepper steak, stewed chicken, curried lobster, porridge. Open for takeout/delivery. 135-29 Springfield Blvd., 718-341-4480

Blaze 718: Jamaican. Saltfish and beans, oxtail, curry goat, mango jerk wings, jerk salmon, fried chicken. Open for takeout and delivery. 109-10 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., 718-480-6671

MumsKitchens NYC: Fresh baked breads and sweets, dipping sauces, codfish balls—see their Instagram account for more. Open for curbside pickup, but there’s an online store too. 195th & 120th Ave., 347-855-5857

Glacé: Gelato, Italian espresso, and smoothies. Open for takeout. 13810 Farmers Blvd., 347- 548-0312



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Milk & Pull: Coffee and espresso bar with branches in Brooklyn too. Sandwiches, bagels, and pastries too! 778 Seneca Ave., 718-821-1155

King’s Juice Bar: Smoothies, juices, acai bowls, salads, panini, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 955 Seneca Ave., 718-386-5464

Cafe Moca: Family-owned cafe specializing in coffee, vegetarian and vegan eats, and sweet treats. There’s an all-day breakfast menu (avo toasts, veg bacon, egg, and cheese!), lunch (veg banh mi, veg chopped cheese), and dessert men (dank banana loaves!). Open for takeout. 487 Seneca Ave., 347-889-6302


Richmond Hill (and South Richmond Hill)

Sybil’s: The OG Queens Caribbean/Guyanese restaurant has jerk chicken, curry chicken, roti, Guyanese meat pies and Jamaican patties, BBQ chicken, so many pastries, and so much more. Open for takeout (don’t forget to grab a ticket at the door). 132-17 Liberty Ave., South Richmond Hill, 718-835-9235 

Veggie Castle II: Vegan juice bar with Caribbean food (owners are from Guyana, the same family that owns Sybil’s). Roti, soy-based patties, pholourie, soy chicken curry, and more. Open for takeout only. 132-09 Liberty Ave, South Richmond Hill, 718-641-8342

Mother Earth Juice Bar: Juices and smoothies, plus Caribbean dishes like callaloo soup, bake and saltfish, and pelau. Open for takeout. 116-03 Metropolitan Ave., 347-494-5485

Halo Kitchen & Lounge: Hookah lounge with bubble tea plus rasta pasta, burgers, and more. 12710 Liberty Ave., 929-386-0928



Goody’s BBQ Chicken and Wings: This Jamaican counter-serve spot a few blocks from the beach is beloved for its jerk chicken, BBQ ribs, mac and cheese, curry goat, roti, and more. Open for takeout. 7018 Amstel Blvd., 718-318-9616

Last Dragon Pizza: Pizza by a Black female pizzaiola. Jerk chicken pizza too! Pickup or ship (nationwide) only, via website.

Silver Chicken & Seafood: So much fish and poultry at this year-old spot, and it’s paired with waffles, grits, or chips. Also served steamed and as dinner platters. Crab legs, rasta pasta, and lots of sides too. Open for takeout and delivery. 1491 Beach Channel Dr., 347-727-7281

Johnny’s Classic Quizine: Jamaican food and juices, breakfast to dinner (and dessert): ackee and saltfish, saltfish with butterbean, porridge all day, oxtail, curry shrimp, BBQ ribs, rasta pasta, patties and rotis, macaroni salad, rum cake and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 713 Beach 20th St., 718-868-3268

Bernadette’s Rockaway: All-day breakfast! (Also lunch.) This cute little corner spot, owned by two brothers, is the place to go for a breakfast sandwich, chicken and waffles, short rib hash, Dutch baby pancakes, any style of egg, and much more. 95-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd., 347-319-7994

Mama’s Cooking: Jamaican food like Mama used to make! Ackee and saltfish, oxtails, cowfoot and curry, jerk chicken, festival, rice and peas. Takeout and delivery. 1044 Beach 21st St., 718-327-3720

Best Caribbean: Jamaican food, including one of my own favorite breakfasts, mackerel rundown (will have to try it here soon), plus curry goat, stew peas, tripe and beans, jerk chicken, escovitch fish, patties, mac and cheese, and more. 9102 Rockaway Beach Blvd., 347-727-7134



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A Live Kitchen: Vegan comfort food (empanadas, burgers, rasta pasta, spaghetti and “meatballs,” ital stew pictured above) and juice bar. 227-16 Merrick Blvd., 718-470-2587

Sandz Bar and Grill: Caribbean (lots of Jamaican) food and drinks: shrimp tacos, curry goat, oxtails, curry shrimp. 234-32 Merrick Blvd, 718-525-1063

Southern Girls Restaurant: Soul food, including ribs, pig feet, fried fish, chicken and dumplings, and lots more. Open for takeout and delivery. 218-28 Merrick Blvd., 718-949-0400

Sweet Treats Delight: Bakery with cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 133-32 226th St., 347-548-0395

Only Rare NYC: Rolled ice cream, but also an “urban thrift” shop with clothes and accessories. 229-13 Merrick Blvd.


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St. Albans

Seamorhen: Another branch of the soul food, seafood, fried chicken (and more) restaurant. 190-07 109th Rd., 718-217-8100

Yardies Jerk: Jamaican cuisine: chicken soup, patties, jerk chicken and pork, oxtails and beans. Open for takeout and delivery. 198-18 Linden Blvd., 718-749-5782

Sea Food Kingz: All manner of shrimp, crab legs, fish, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 205-41 Linden Blvd., 929-433-0130

1976 Wings, Burgers & More: Also expect cheesesteaks, fried seafood, hot dogs, and fries. Open for takeout. 201-03 Linden Blvd, 929-405-0084

Jamaican Flavors: Award-winning patties in so many different flavors (jerk chicken, veg, calaloo and saltfish!), fresh coco bread, oxtail, curry goat, brown stew chicken, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 147-95 Farmers Blvd., 718-276-7661

The Smokehouse: Jamaican jerk and Southern BBQ eatery. Heavy on the meat but also has seafood options, plus the usual sides (rice and peas, mac and cheese, festival, fried plantains). Open for takeout and delivery. 18933 Linden Blvd., 718-527-1536

Sea Level Sea & Soul: As the name suggests, this mom-and-pop shop deals in soul food + seafood, including fish fried rice, fried shrimp, fried chicken, mac and cheese, collards, yams. 114-32 Farmers Blvd., 347-263-8300



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Queens Village

Zoe Shack: Haitian food: griot (fried pork), legume stew, ke bef (oxtail platter), fritay (fried foods). Open for takeout and delivery. 211-47 Jamaica Ave., 929-405-0112

Le Bon Pain: Haitian bakery with pate (patties: beef, chicken, cod, herring), coco cake, currant rolls, bread (pictured above). Open for takeout and delivery. 21165 Jamaica Ave., 718-464-8160

Flanm: Haitian food (and catering), including griot, fried chicken, jerk chicken, lambi, and more. 215-07 Jamaica Ave., 718-740-2500

CD Restaurant & Bar: New location of Caribbean Delights Bakery. West Indian/Guyanese and Chinese food: fried fish, black pudding, jerk chicken fried rice. Carnation milk and cream soda! Open for takeout/delivery. 215-21 Jamaica Ave., 718-776-0980

Fountain of Youth Juice Bar: Organic juice bar plus wraps, salads, smoothies, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 217-93 Hempstead Ave., 718-776-7164


Cambria Heights

Brasserie Creole: Caribbean food, mostly Haitian: lambi, fried pork, black rice, jerk chicken. 22702 Linden Blvd., 718-341-1376

Detoxx Bar: Smoothies and juices for health, including those for specific health issues, plus other products and teas. Open for takeout. 234-16 Linden Blvd., 718-949-0008

Dash of Ja: This new Fri-and-Sat-only home-based eatery has a weekly changing Jamaican menu that might include curry goat, oxtails, fish soup, and rasta pasta. Open for curbside pickup and delivery. 516-560-0159

T&G FlavorsJamaican/Caribbean food and more, from your jerk chicken, curry goat, porridges and patties to your vegan pasta, grilled salmon salad (also lots of steamed fish options), oxtail roti and chicken chop suey. 228-01 Linden Blvd., 718-712-2956

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Di Juice: Smoothies and juices, plus baked goods. Open for takeout. 243-14 Merrick Blvd., 718-341-0703

Henrica’s: Jamaican + Chinese food: jerk chicken, brown stew fish, cow foot, lo mein, roast chicken, chop suey, fried rice, pastas, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. 138-89 Francis Lewis Blvd., 718-527-7355

Island Taste Caribbean Restaurant and Lounge: Jerk wings, codfish fritters, pepper shrimp, roti, curried lobster tails, and more. Open for takeout and delivery. Rum punches to go! 243-10 Merrick Blvd., 718-276-5000

Pa-Nash Eurosoul: Caribbean food with a twist. There’s mango curry shrimp (pictured above), jerk chicken, and breadfruit but also eggplant “caviar” and Moroccan coconut stew. Open for takeout and delivery. 144-14 243rd St., 718-978-6094

Social Corner: American food. Restaurant + bar with a full menu (burgers, steaks, surf and turf, tacos) and plenty of drinks. Open for takeout and delivery. 243-24 Merrick Blvd., 718-712-1057

Caribbean Soul: Modern Caribbean food with a rooftop bar/lounge (when it’s open). Shrimp and waffles, jerk chicken tacos, jerk fries, frozen cocktails galore. Open for takeout only. 234-04 Merrick Blvd., 718-712-1106


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