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Where to Get Takeout + Delivery in Queens Right Now

April 24, 2020
Chinese takeout containers from a Flushing, Queens, restaurant

Eds. note: This article currently covers 90 restaurants in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst and a handful in Flushing. Last update: June 14, 2020.

Takeout from a Queens Thai restaurant during the pandemic

Delivery from Kitchen 79 in Jackson Heights.

Many of our friends and neighbors in Jackson Heights have asked us where to get delivery lately, so I started compiling the ones I know about here. If you’re like us, preparing three meals a day gets pretty old by Friday, so that’s the night we support local restaurants via takeout or delivery. For us it also injects a bit of normalcy into our week—Friday night has always been delivery night. More than that, it brings into our home a taste of the Jackson Heights we know and love, and miss so dearly. We’ve even been able to try some new-to-us dishes and restaurants to help break up the routine.

Please remember that calling eateries directly (before ordering from a third-party app) should always be your first course of action—it means the restaurant won’t lose any of the profit from your meal—and they will advise if the third party is needed to cover the distance. Takeout is best from a worker-safety standpoint; if you’re unable to do that, please tip your delivery person generously!  

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Let us know in the comments which of your favorite restaurants we’re forgetting here. We have 60-plus restaurants on this list, organized by cuisine, but it’s by no means comprehensive, and will surely change over time. We’ll keep up the best we can.

A sign announces a NYC restaurant is closed due to health concerns around coronavirus.

Lots of places remain closed, but plenty are open, too.

Jackson Heights/Elmhurst



Kitchen 79: We’ve long loved this Southern Thai spot for delivery of perfectly crispy pad prik khing, fiery kua kling (a dry curry with ground meat), red and green curries, deep-fried shrimp cakes, and our kids’ favorite kua gai, (nonspicy) wide rice noodles with chicken, squid, and egg, splashed with sesame oil. Takeout or delivery via Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash. 37-30 79th St.

Ayada: One of our all-time favorites in the area, this Thai spot is open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub). It’s been out of our favorite dish, kaeng som (sour curry) with omelets, but it’s always worth asking for! Otherwise we love the crispy watercress salad, the chive dumplings, the sautéed Chinese eggplant, drunken noodles, any of the curries, shrimp paste fried rice, and much more. 77-08 Woodside Ave. 

Hug Esan: Try some delicious Isaan Thai specialties—like nam khao tod (crispy rice salad with sour sausage), pork rice crepes, crab omelet, so many papaya salads and larbs—between noon-9pm for takeout and delivery. Call 929-328-0392; order online hugesannyc.com; or try Seamless/Grubhub, Uber Eats, Caviar, Delivery.com. 77-16 Woodside Ave.

Dek Sen: Another great Thai restaurant. Try the the nam tok moo (pork blood noodle soup), yen ta fo soup, mussel pancake, crispy wonton with shrimp pad Thai, Thai “donuts” for dessert. (It doesn’t appear its Insta-famous rainbow crepe cake is available for delivery.) Open 11am-9pm for delivery and takeout (Seamless/Grubhub, Delivery.com, Uber Eats). 86-08 Whitney Ave.

Pata Paplean: Call the extremely talented Chef Cherry of Elmhurst’s best Thai bar and eatery to order incredible Thai takeout (Fri-Sun, 12:30-6pm) and now, via Pata Thai Express, you can get delivery too. Follow on Instagram for the menu; call 718-651-2076 to order. 76-21 Woodside Ave.

Khao Kang and Khao Nom: These two sister Thai spots (the latter specializes in desserts but also has plenty of delicious savory dishes) have reopened for takeout. 76-20 Woodside Ave.; 42-06 76th St.

Boon Chu: This tiny Thai spot is likewise open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub). Lots of fish, noodles, curries, and rice dishes await! 83-18 Broadway

Spicy Shallot: Thai food plus sushi is available for takeout or delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Delivery.com). 77-01 Woodside Ave.

Black Thai: Another Thai option with great drunken noodles and crispy duck specialties is open for business via takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash, Delivery.com). 81-16 Northern Blvd.

Sompong Thai: Also open 1pm-8pm every day but Monday, for takeout and delivery. You can order directly through its website. 37-09 83rd St.

Arunee (from noon-8pm daily) and the new Thaan Thai are also open for takeout and delivery.

74th Street, Jackson Heights' Little India, is quiet and empty during the coronavirus pandemic.

74th Street sits eerily quiet, but some restaurants in the area remain open.


South Asian

Angel Indian: The hot new kid on the block is back as of the last week of May, open for takeout and delivery of its delicious spicy vegetarian Indian food. Do not miss anything with the fresh paneer! Open Tues-Sun, noon-9pm; call 347-848-0097 to order. 74-14 37th Rd.

Jackson Diner: The O.G. Indian restaurant around here was the first to reopen. It’s mostly northern Indian, but there are some southern dishes, and plenty of vegetarian options. Open for takeout and delivery (Seamless); Wed-Sun only, 11:30am-9pm. 37-47 74th St.

Maharaja Sweets: Our favorite local chaat + sweets shop (which also has plenty of platters) is now open for takeout. Try the papri chaat and aloo tikki chaat! Masks required. Call 718-505-2680 to order ahead. 73-10 37th Ave.  

Raja Sweets: The parathas are king at this corner eatery—don’t miss ’em. Now open for takeout only with strict rules about social distancing and masks. Call 718-424-1850 to order. 72-31 37th Ave.

Papri chaat from Maharaja Sweets

The (mostly) South Indian restaurant is now open for takeout and delivery (Postmates, Uber Eats, Caviar). Get your dosas, idlys, and vadas! 75-18 37th Ave.

Kababish: The tiny Pakistani spot is open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Uber Eats) of its delicious kebabs and kebab rolls (including its popular gola kebab), terrific naan and paratha, biryani, and more. 70-64 Broadway

Merit Kabab: Samosas, naan, paratha, curries, pulao, biryani, kebabs, and more at this Bangladeshi-Indian spot. (A sign outside advertises frozen momos, too.) Takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). 37-67 74th St.

Dera Restaurant: This Pakistani spot is open for takeout or delivery through Doordash or Uber Eats. Try the kebabs, the samosas, the nihari, the haleem. 72-09 Broadway

Dhaka Garden: The Bangladeshi restaurant is now open for takeout only. We’ve always been a fan of its Mughlai paratha. 718-424-8600; 72-23 37th Ave.

Ittadi Garden & Grill: The movie theater space turned Bangladeshi eatery on Diversity Plaza is open for takeout. Masks are required to enter. 73-07 37th Rd.

Al Naimat and Dosa Delight appear open for takeout as well.


Louie’s Pizzeria: Hardworking Louie’s has been pitching in with feeding health care workers at Elmhurst Hospital, and they’re still feeding us pizza and pasta too, via takeout and delivery. Call directly at 718-440-9346, and don’t miss the grandma pie. 81-34 Baxter Ave.

Mama Rosa’s Pizza: Our (most) local pizza shop is open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). 77-09 37th Ave.

Pizza Sam: Over by 89th and Northern, this pizzeria is likewise open for takeout and delivery (order from its website or through Seamless/Grubhub). 89-06 Northern Blvd.

Gianni’s PizzaOrder through Gianni’s website to score 10% off your pickup or delivery order. (Also listed on Seamless/Grubhub, Delivery.com, etc.) 81-13 Northern Blvd.

Due Fratelli and Elmhurst Famous Pizza are also open for takeout and delivery.

Peruvian takeout from a Queens restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic.

Riko Peruvian delivers chaufa, great soups, and more.

South American

Riko Peruvian: Pollo a la brasa with all the fixins, plus good chaufa (Peruvian-style fried rice), lomo saltado, quinoa soup, and more. Takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). 78-14 Roosevelt Ave.

La Nueva Bakery: Our favorite after-school Uruguayan-Colombian bakery is open 8am-8pm for takeout, with strict rules allowing no more than 5 people at a time inside. 86-10 37th Ave.

Antojitos Doña Fela: At a time when few street vendors were open, this popular Peruvian cart was feeding health care workers and the neighborhood every weekend morning and afternoon. Check her Instagram for the menu. Takeout and local delivery (free with $20 order); we highly recommend the trio marino (fish ceviche, perfectly fried fish “chicharron” with yuca, chaufa de mariscos), a deal for $20, but literally everything is delicious. 917-340-4913; NW corner 90th St. & Roosevelt Ave.(if you pick up in the afternoon, it might be from her address on 99th St. near 25th Ave.)

The Arepa Lady: The neighborhood’s Colombian stalwart is (thankfully) open again for takeout, noon-10pm. 77-17 37th Ave.

Delicias Calenas: Some of our favorite pan de bono—long a stop on our Jackson Heights food tours—as well as other Colombian dishes are now available for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). 35-68 73rd St.

Café de Colombia: Between 8am-6pm daily, stop in (3 customers at a time max.) for all the Colombian baked goods (and excellent Colombian breakfasts, before noon) you crave. Takeout only; call 347-730-4050 to order ahead. 83-03 37th Ave.

Mr. Cangrejo: Try Pacific Colombian cuisine, like cazuela de mariscos, at this seafood-heavy spot. Open for takeout and delivery; call 347-832-0539. 79-07 Roosevelt Ave.

El Rico Tinto: The locally beloved Colombian-Mexican eatery is open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub) of its great tortilla soup, black bean soup, cemitas, enchiladas y más. 73-18 Northern Blvd.

The Original American Chicken: Rotisserie chicken, rice and beans, maduros—this place always makes for an easy meal to bring in. Takeout (only 2 people allowed in at once) and delivery via Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash, and Delivery.com. 78-07 37th Ave.

El Chivito d’Oro: Craving red meat? The Uruguayan steakhouse is open for takeout and delivery (Doordash). 84-02 37th Ave.

The Empanada Spot: Open 11am-8pm for pickup and delivery (Uber Eats) of its popular empanadas in countless flavors; a sign asks that you wear a mask inside. 76-17 Roosevelt Ave.; 84-17 Northern Blvd.

Aroma Brazil: The Brazilian eatery is open for takeout only, according to a sign on its door. 718-672-7662; 75-13 Roosevelt Ave.

Urubamba: The longstanding Peruvian restaurant is open for takeout only, Thu-Sun, 12:30pm-8pm. 86-20 37th Ave.

Two side-by-side Venezuelan eateries are likewise open for takeout and delivery: Arepas Burger (81-05 Northern Blvd.) and Empanadas Mix (81-03 Northern Blvd.). Try the arepas, burgers, cachapas, and pabellón at the first; the empanadas, burritos, and papas (fries) at the latter. Both are on Seamless/Grubhub and Doordash.

D’Antigua: The Latin lounge/restaurant is open for takeout and delivery, 4pm-10pm. Cocktails to go! (Also plenty of food.) 84-16 Northern Blvd.



Birria-Landia: This popular truck doling out Tijuana-style stewed beef tacos, mulitas, and consomé is open again for pickup and delivery; call 347-283-2162 to order (or swing by). Follow on Instagram for updates. Daily, 2pm-11pm. 77-99 Roosevelt Ave.

Laly’s: The Mexican-American restaurant has great soups, quesadillas, Cuban sandwiches, and more; it’s open for takeout and delivery (Doordash). 718-433-9906; 75-19 Roosevelt Ave. 

Juquila: This Mexican-food standby is open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). Pozole, tacos, flautas, and enchiladas await! 40-12 83rd St.

Tacos Morelos: Get your tacos, soups, chilaquiles, tlacoyos y más from this Mexican spot via takeout or delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash, Delivery.com). 94-13 37th Ave.

Tortas Neza: Satisfy your craving for super tortas, i.e., absolutely giant Mexican sandwiches, from this reopened takeout window (delivery available too!). 96-15 Roosevelt Ave. (technically in Corona)


Plate of Nepali momos in Jackson Heights, Queens

Nepali-style momos are now available in frozen bags of 50 from Nepali Bhanchha Ghar.


As of early June, more Himalayan spots are coming back!

Get your Tibetan momo fix at local gem Lhasa Fast Food, “hidden” behind the cell phone store on 74th St., reopened for takeout only. Great momos and noodle soups, like hand-ripped thenthuk, are up for grabs! 37-50 74th St.

Neighborhood favorite Phayul has returned, offering pickup only from its old/original location. Don’t miss the fried momos! Call 718-424-1869 to order. 37-65 74th St., 2nd fl.

Lungta is also open for takeout and delivery (best to call directly; also on Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). It has frozen chicken/beef/veg momos too, 50 pieces for $34.99. Also plenty of other Tibetan, some Indian, and even Bhutanese dishes to try here. 75-16 Broadway

Mom’s Momo: As of May 20, this excellent momo (and more) truck is back on the streets! As far as we know, it’s the first Tibetan truck to return, and we couldn’t be happier to see them. Open daily, 11am-10pm; follow on Instagram for updates. 72-28 Broadway

Tibetan Japanese Restaurant: Now open for takeout and delivery, this simply named restaurant has good momos (frozen available too), thukpa noodle soup, and more, as well as Japanese classics (including bento boxes and little sushi rolls my kids love). Open noon-9pm; closed Tuesdays. 75-26 37th Ave.

Another one that MAY be open is Khampa Kitchen, a Tibetan spot with momos, Lhasa noodles, the regional meat pie known as Khampa poethek, and more. A sign outside says it’s open for takeout only, but I’ve been unable to confirm over the phone. Call 347-507-0216 to try for yourself. 75-15 Roosevelt Ave.

If it’s Nepali momos you are looking for—thinner skin, fillings with more spices—owner Yamuna Shrestha of Nepali Bhanchha Ghar, one of my all-time favorite spots in the neighborhood, has let me know she has some frozen chicken, beef, veg, paneer, and potato momos to sell, 50 pieces for $25 (also goat, which run $35 for 50). As of May 15, she has fresh jhol too, the spicy broth that goes into her award-winning jhol momo, and you can order fresh-steamed momos. If you order before 4pm, you can get thali and other menu items. Call 646-861-9147 to place your order, and pick up at the restaurant. (If you buy frozen, simply steam 7-8 minutes to reheat.) 74-15 Roosevelt Ave.


Emoji Burger: Burgers, fries, shakes, and hot dogs are still available for takeout and delivery via Seamless/Grubhub—thankfully for my older son, who required this for his recent 7th birthday. 80-07 37th Ave.

The Queensboro: It closed and has been feeding (and taking donations for) Elmhurst Hospital, making us love this gastropub even more. Now it’s serving a limited changing menu a few days a week (soups, a “family meal,” plenty of beer/wine/cocktails); menus are posted on its website, Instagram and via its online newsletter. Call directly to order (929-296-0038) or order online. Bring your own growlers for the beer! You can also order “care packages” of essential groceries (milk, bread, greens, eggs, pasta, etc.) for $50, to help further space out those dreaded supermarket visits. 80-02 Northern Blvd.

JuJu’s: Sami has recently reopened JuJu’s with new hours (Wed-Sun, 8:30am-3:30pm) and strict social distancing rules (also, it’s cash only). Call ahead at 718-205-9511 or stop in to get your bagel and lunch fix. 35-62 76th St.

Bagel House: Some of the best bagels in the nabe are available for pickup and delivery (only through Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). Call ahead at 718-507-5573; abbreviated hours are Mon-Sat, 6am-1pm; Sun, 7am-1pm. 89-18 Northern Blvd.

Just Made 4 U: Salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies—all available for pickup or via delivery (Seamless/Grubhub). 80-21 37th Ave.

K&L Delicatessen: Use the deli’s online ordering system for takeout or delivery of its many sandwiches, wraps, salads, panini, omelets, and more (also on Seamless/Grubhub). Open Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm. 76-01 37th Ave.

Parva Bakeshop + Cafe: The coffee shop and bakery has recently reopened with strict social distancing rules and masks required for takeout, 7am-6pm. Call 718-433-9336 to order or request curbside assistance. Delivery is available via Seamless/Grubhub too. 82-01 Northern Blvd.

Ricky’s Cafe: The corner diner has just reopened for takeout and delivery, 8am-7pm. Call directly at 718-478-1360 to order either. They have great homemade soups and Bolivian salteñas! 75-02 37th Ave.

Jahn’s: Get your egg cream fix (and more) at the longstanding diner (since 1897!), open from 9am-7pm for takeout and delivery; call 718-651-0700. 81-04 37th Ave.

Jackson House Restaurant: This neighborhood diner is also open for pickup and delivery; call 718-639-6201. 82-14 37th Ave.

Jax Inn: Buttermilk pancakes, anyone? Here’s another diner open for takeout and delivery. Order via its website for 15% off your first order (also on Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash). 72-12 Northern Blvd.



Uncle Peter’s: A neighborhood stalwart, this Italian restaurant is open for takeout and delivery (best to order through its website, but it’s also listed on Seamless/Grubhub and Doordash). Alcohol can be ordered too, with a food purchase. Open Tues-Sun, noon-8pm. 83-15 Northern Blvd.

Bistro Eloise: This popular French restaurant has recently reopened for takeout and delivery. See the quarantine menu on its website. It’s on Seamless/Grubhub, but for 10% off your delivery order (and also because it’s so much better for the restaurant!), call to order directly at 347-612-4333. 75-57 31st Ave.

Cannelle Patisserie: The beloved French bakery is open for takeout only. Call 718-565-6200. 75-59 31st Ave.

Lety’s Bakery + Cafe: Open for takeout, the recently renovated Italian cafe is loved for its pastries, cakes, and gelato. Try the Italian cheesecake! 77-07 37th Ave.

Addictive Wine + Tapas: All of your favorite tapas (and, yes, bottles of wine) are now available for pickup and delivery (Grubhub only for the latter). 87-01 Northern Blvd.


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JoJu: Elmhurst’s beloved banh mi spot has reopened as of 5-13 with a limited menu, for takeout and delivery only. 11am-8pm. Order via its app or website. 83-25 Broadway

Addictive Banh Mi: Get your Vietnamese sandwiches and/or dumplings via pickup or delivery (Seamless/Grubhub). 32-64 87th St.

Pho Bac: For a full Vietnamese feast, including ph, bún (vermicelli noodles), banh mi, and more, Pho Bac is open for takeout/delivery business (Doordash). 82-78 Broadway


I’ve still not heard of many Chinese restaurants reopening in Jackson Heights/Elmhurst. Many aren’t answering their phones despite Google listing them as open, so I hope to physically check some out soon. In the meantime, many spots are open in Flushing and even delivering to Jackson Heights (see at bottom).

New Peking Kitchen: Your standard Americanized Chinese eatery, open for takeout and delivery till 9pm. Call 718-426-9789. 77-15 37th Ave.

Woks: This Chinese takeout spot has good egg rolls and lo mein that does the trick. Call 718-898-0663 to order. Cash only. 79-21 37th Ave.

East 21: This serviceable Chinese restaurant is open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Delivery.com, Uber Eats). Best to order via its website for either. 71-26 Roosevelt Ave.

Woodside Kitchen: More mei fun, chow fun, lo mein, and more is up for grabs at this Chinese spot on Woodside Ave., now open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Delivery.com). 76-10 Woodside Ave.

See Little House Cafe under “Malaysian,” too.

Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Malaysian!

UFC: Satisfy your Korean fried chicken cravings via takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub) here. 71-22 Roosevelt Ave.

969 NYC Coffee: We love this little Japanese spot and its friendly owner, Oda, who’s also been donating food and money to health care workers (despite being a one-man show!). Try the onigiri, the sushi, the ramen (including a great veggie version), and the delicious onigirazu sandos (pictured above). Takeout only; call 646-203-7304. 37-61 80th St.

Happy Stony Noodle: Great Taiwanese noodle soups and more are available for takeout and delivery. Order via its website. 83-47 Dongan Ave.

Warung Selasa: This every-Tuesday Indonesian pop-up at Indo Java Groceries (85-12 Queens Blvd.) has largely been a takeout business since it opened, as the tiny grocery store can accommodate just one lone table for diners. It is open 11am-7pm; follow on Instagram to find the week’s menu (usually posted by Monday night) and call 718-779-2241 to order and schedule a pickup. 85-12 Queens Blvd.

Taste Good Malaysian: Love the laksas, roti canai, and more at this hole-in-the-wall Malaysian restaurant, and they are now offering takeout! 82-18 45th Ave.

Little House Cafe: This delicious little Chinese bakery and Malaysian cafe in Elmhurst has just reopened (on 5-15) for takeout only during limited hours, 7am-4pm. Check its Instagram account for a drool-worthy special pastries menu. 90-19 Corona Ave.

Happy Kitchen (Japanese) and Spicy Shallot (see under “Thai,” above) is open for takeout and delivery as well. Also see the Tibetan Japanese Restaurant under “Himalayan.”


Takeout from a cheese shop in Jackson Heights

A recent haul from Standalone Cheese.

Other Essentials

Standalone Cheese: Open for takeout only of its wonderful cheeses, breads, pastas, and more. We are newly obsessed with the Sardinian cheese Bianco Sardo and wonder how we lived without Raffetto’s ravioli in our freezer before. Order online and they’ll call you when it’s ready. 79-07 37th Ave.

Table Wine: Open for contactless pickup; call 718-478-9463 to order and pay. We recommend the long-lasting boxed wine! 79-14 37th Ave.

Espresso 77: Among the things you can order online for Friday pickups (between 3pm-5pm only): coffee beans, wine and growlers of beer, pretzels. 35-57 77th St.

Chinese takeout containers from a Flushing, Queens, restaurant

Shanghainese spread from Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao


There are more spots open in Flushing than appear here, but these are some on our radar. Many of these will deliver to Jackson Heights via the Chowbus app.

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao: Delicious soup dumplings (in a rainbow of colors, no less) and other Shanghainese food is open for pickup or local delivery (Uber Eats, Delivery.com, Chowbus). You can order directly through its website. 39-16 Prince St.

Miss Li Henan Cuisine: The Central Chinese cuisine here includes lamb with wide hand-pulled noodles, handmade cold noodles, and beef soup with wheaten pancakes. Order via its website for takeout and local delivery ($20 minimum; also on Doordash, Chowbus); the restaurant has an offer for 10% off all orders on its site. 133-49 Roosevelt Ave. 

Tiger Sugar: The uber-popular brown sugar boba milk window is open for takeout and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Uber Eats, Delivery.com, Chowbus), and still popular by the looks of the lines we’ve heard about. 40-10 #A, Main St.

Szechuan House: Said to be the oldest continuously operated Sichuan restaurant in Flushing (and one of our favorites), this classic spot is open for takeout and limited delivery (Uber Eats, Chowbus). 133-47 Roosevelt Ave.

Hunan Café: Spicy, pickly Hunan cuisine is available here for pickup and delivery (Seamless/Grubhub, Doordash, Delivery.com, Chowbus). 137-40 Northern Blvd. 

Nurlan Uyghur Restaurant: Lamb noodles and kebabs, goosh nan (meat-stuffed pastry), “big plate of chicken”—get your tasty Uyghur food here to go (or delivered via Seamless/Grubhub, Uber Eats, Chowbus). 43-39 Main St.

LKF Cafe: Cha chaan teng (Hong Kong cafe)-style cuisine (including milk tea, clay pot rice, dumplings, rice rolls, instant noodles, spaghetti, curry) is available for takeout and local delivery. Call 718-886-8289 to order. 142-38 Roosevelt Ave.

Cheng Du Spicy Food (aka Lao Chengdu): Spicy Sichuan food (including delicious mouth-numbing snacks like dan dan noodles and wontons in red chili sauce) is available here for takeout and delivery (Chowbus). 37-17 Prince St.


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How to support local restaurants and eat well in Queens, NYC right now.

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