• Share your love for Queens’ food vendors (and local art!) with your loved ones by sending them one of these greeting cards by Queens artist Costanza Musumeci. Each one is drawn from a vendor in Jackson Heights. These retail for $5.50 each. Please note these cannot be purchased directly via this site. Buy them here.
  • Display your love for Queens' food vendors (and local art!) with a Jackson Heights food cart print, by Queens artist Costanza Musumeci. These retail for $20 each, or $45 if you buy three. Please note these cannot be purchased directly via this site. Buy them here.
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    While we are running in-person food tours of Jackson Heights regularly, we still have some self-guided touring options for those who want to go it alone, with confidence. This newly updated vegan food tour encompasses 7 food stops for Indian, Bangladeshi, Tibetan, Nepali, Colombian, and Thai dishes. I spoke to the chefs/staff at each stop to ensure exactly what is vegan (or how to order it vegan, if one ingredient needs to be omitted). Go forth and eat vegan safely (and support some of our favorite restaurants and vendors!) using this very detailed 14-page guide.
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    Give someone you know the gift of a self-guided Jackson Heights, Queens, food tour customized to their dietary preferences (think: vegetarian, gluten-free, food trucks only, mostly Indian food, all dumplings—anything!) and current public health guidelines. They can tour the neighborhood safely on their own time and at their own pace, eating just the foods they'd love the most! See more information below. **$5 of every tour sold is donated to Make the Road NY or a local food pantry.
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    Updated for 2024: While we are currently running regular in-person food tours of Jackson Heights, we still have this self-guided touring option for those who wish to go it alone, with confidence. This indoor-outdoor tour is a mix of street vendors, grab-and-go eating, and sit-down (casual) dining. It is best for small groups of 1-4 people. These 9 food stops encompass Indian, Bangladeshi, Tibetan, Nepali, Mexican, Colombian, and Thai eateries or vendors. (You will want to pick and choose among those stops, or else be carting home a ton of leftovers!) This is the best way we know how to continue to support some of our favorite restaurants and vendors when we are unable to lead a tour (or have a guest who prefers to explore solo). Go forth and eat safely using this very detailed guide. **Customized self-guided food tours (based upon favorite cuisines, vegetarian/gluten-free/dairy-free/peanut-free preferences, etc.) are also available, starting at $55. There is also a separate vegan self-guided tour available. Gift certificates for self-guided tours are available in this shop, or email laura@eatyourworld.com to request one yourself.
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    Give the gift of an incredible food experience to someone you know! Gift certificates are for one weekend food tour ($80), which entails 5-7 stops for world food in roughly 3.5 hours. Read more about our food tours here. If you'd like to gift a weekday or weeknight ($75) food tour, please get in touch: laura@eatyourworld.com. Please read the description below for more details.
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    You want: an incredible day of eating and exploring that’s fun for the whole family. Bringing the kids doesn't mean you have to eat only at restaurants with chicken fingers! We are a family of 4 who believes kids can eat almost anywhere, but we know how different families are, so we provide tons of options for this day, spanning the outwardly kid-catering to spots that lack children's menus but are family-friendly nonetheless—plus nearby fun activities (parks, museums, shops) and snacking opportunities. Bonus content: lots of backup off-itinerary ideas for what/where to eat when plans fail, the kids are starving, and you need something fast + tasty (it happens!). *This guide was last updated September 2022.
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    You want: The best hits of iconic NYC cuisine in one day. From breakfast to dinner and late-night drinks, we've got you covered with the classic New York foods and drinks you've just GOT to try, plus nearby activity suggestions to fill the time between meals. *Last update Feb. 2022
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