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Video: The Making of Manti, in Sinop, Turkey

July 24, 2013

     Video: The Making of Manti, in Turkey

Manti. We tried the beloved Turkish ravioli, filled with ground lamb or beef, three different ways in our travels around the country. In Kayseri, in Central Anatolia, whose version of the dish is most famous, the boiled dumplings are tiny and set afloat in a soupy tomato sauce, dolloped with garlicky yogurt and finished with a sprinkle of oregano, pul…

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Freetown Through a Car Window

August 20, 2012

            Freetown Through a Car Window

We first arrived to Freetown via water taxi from the airport, a bumpy adventure in the pitch-black night. Our brief drive through the western part of town revealed a city in full Friday-night revelry: unruly streets, overflowing clubs, and candlelit food vendors, their flickering orange flames extending down the road before us. After…

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Video: One Minute in…Asheville!

June 26, 2012

Video: One Minute in...Asheville! You’ve likely heard about Asheville, North Carolina by now—how it’s chock-full of eclectic, farm-to-table restaurants; how it was just voted Beer City U.S.A. for the fourth year running; or perhaps how its spectacular surroundings recently provided the on-location setting for The Hunger Games. In fact, a few days in this small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains is hardly enough to satisfy…

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Sierra Leone: A Traveler’s Perspective

April 26, 2012

Sierra Leone: A Traveler’s Perspective. Somewhere between waking up to peaceful lagoon views; swimming in a warm, empty sea before breakfast; and feasting on spicy pumpkin stew at lunch, I started to wonder: Why isn’t this place swarmed with tourists?

I could guess the answer—this was Sierra Leone, the tiny corner of West Africa best known for an ugly slavery history, a decade-long civil war (1991-2002), and the violent…

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Scenes From Dakar’s Soumbedioune Fish Market, Senegal

March 14, 2012

After just three days, dusty Dakar has drawn us in with its street-corner baguettes, mellow fishing villages, surf-friendly beaches, and mad markets. A highlight among our explorations thus far has been the fish market at Soumbedioune, a cove on which the men's brightly painted pirogues, or canoes, are pulled from the water each evening, and the day's haul of seafood put out to sale. One side of the…

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Video: One Minute in…India

February 14, 2012

We’d like to introduce a new recurring feature in Eat Your World: trip-recap videos! Every time we travel somewhere for EYW, we’ll create a one-minute video—compiled of photos and video footage we shoot on the road, edit, and set to music—to act as visual sum-up. And, no, it won’t be entirely about food: This is our opportunity to show you other sides of a destination, as well as…

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What’s New

December 12, 2011

Have you met Eat Your World? Allow us to introduce ourselves in this one-minute video—and then scroll down the home page to see our newest content.     If you clicked through from the home page, see the column at left for the latest EYW Blog posts. For those of you who came to know us during our beta phase, here’s the new stuff we launched in mid-December!…