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The Ghanaian Foods You Must Try

June 24, 2021
Kelewele is a typical Ghanaian street food of fried plantains.

Ghanaian culture, like many other cultures around the world, is centered around its gastronomy, and bringing people together over a meal. Food has an important place in the country’s dynamic history and its social activities, past and present. Traditional Ghanaian foods were long the domain of street vendors, but over time many restaurants have sprung up around the country to serve regional cuisine as well. In general, Ghanaian…

Africa Food Culture

Sorghum: A Look at an Essential African Grain

March 24, 2021
Sorghum field close-up

In the world of native African grains, the significance of sorghum spans centuries and borders, widely scattered around the continent like the seeds from which it comes. But what is sorghum, exactly, and why is it important in Africa?   Sorghum is an ancient, nutrient-packed, relatively drought-resistant cereal grain used for food (as a whole grain, ground into meal, and as a sweetener, like molasses), the production of alcoholic…

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Quintessential Dakar: What to Eat in Senegal

January 21, 2021

Perched on the edge of West Africa, Senegal has long gone quietly about its business while its neighbors get into all sorts of trouble. Quietly, of course, is a misleading word in the context of Dakar, the sultry capital city and dust-ridden domain of all-night music clubs, infamous traffic, relentless hustlers, and nonstop construction, where the dead silence of night is regularly punctured by soaring muezzin calls to…

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African Cooking: What’s With the Maggi Cubes?

May 15, 2020

At a beautiful eco-resort on Sierra Leone’s Freetown Peninsula this spring, Scott and I were invited to tag along for the weekly run to the local market. On the shopping list was everything from groundnuts (peanuts) and pineapple to bread and eggs, and Maggi. I didn’t think anything of the flavoring agent, figuring the stock cubes were thrown into a few of the local stews as a base.…

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Best Street Foods in Lagos, Nigeria

July 12, 2019

Street food in Nigeria is unmissable. Our local writer tells us where to find the top 10 street foods in Lagos. Ewa agoyin, courtesy of Kake/Flickr Life in Lagos would be incomplete without street food. Most Lagosians have a penchant for it: while commuting to work, at lunchtime or as a means of relaxation after a day’s work. Street food in Lagos is serious business, and it is…

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Best Kenyan Foods to Find in Nairobi

May 17, 2019
Pilau in Kenya

Kenya is known for its welcoming spirit, its athletic champions, beautiful scenery, and majestic wildlife. It’s about time it’s also more known for its excellent food. But what is Kenyan food, exactly? Read on for a primer on some of the best Kenyan foods, and where to find them in Nairobi, the country’s capital—and the ideal place to embark on an incredible Kenyan food adventure. If you really…