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East Coast Mexico’s Dutch Influence

April 9, 2014

        East Coast Mexico's Dutch Influence

Marquesita with edam cheese and nutella in Mexico
A marquesita filled with Nutella and Edam cheese

Yucatecan food—even that found along the so-called Riviera Maya, the coastal corridor between Cancún and Tulum—is markedly different from “Mexican food” as most of us know it, as we learned while traveling the region last week. One reason is, of…

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Origins: Cranberries

November 21, 2010

  Cranberries. I don’t think of them too often, unless I’m throwing a handful of dried ones into my salad. Or, you know, it’s this time of year, when cranberry sauce makes its annual appearance in the Thanksgiving spread. But cranberries are an important fruit to the U.S., not only because of their more recently publicized “superfruit” antioxidant qualities, but because they’re one of the few fruits that…