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What Is Mongolian Cuisine? Going Beyond the BBQ

January 21, 2020
A Mongolian man holds airag, a traditional liquor, in Mongolia.

Say Mongolian food and the first thing that comes to mind is probably a modern chain restaurant. I mean, who doesn’t love a 20-foot, all-you-can-eat buffet filled with raw meat, fresh veggies, and concoct-your-own sauce? Add the excitement of a wannabe-ninja chef cooking on a 500-degree flat top grill, and you’ve got a fun and tasty dining experience. Toss in a raw egg and marvel as the chef…

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Vegetarian Guide to Bangkok

December 23, 2018

      The Vegetarian Guide to Bangkok

Larb tofu, pomelo salad, corn fritters and more—here’s your guide to eating vegetarian and vegan (and holding the fish sauce) in Bangkok.

Plate of vegetarian pad see ew in Bangkok
Pad see ew. All photos courtesy of Kelly Iverson.

Calling all adventurous, meat-free diners: This guide is for you. Thailand may…

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Top 5 Tibetan Foods in Tibet

January 17, 2018

                Top 5 Tibetan Foods in Tibet

A spread of Tibetan foods on a table in Tibet
All photos courtesy of Tibet Vista

For people who love food, one of the main reasons for choosing a Tibet tour is the culinary culture there. We’ve covered the basics of Tibetan cuisine already; now we’ll go into the dishes you can expect…

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What Is Tibetan Cuisine?

January 3, 2018

                  What Is Tibetan Cuisine?

A spread of Tibetan food including bread and meat
All photos courtesy of Tibet Vista

Tibetan cuisine is unique due to the high altitude of the Tibetan plateau, the harsh climate, and Tibetans' traditional and religious beliefs and customs. The daily diet of the Tibetan people consists largely of meat and dairy products, high…